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Known for creative litigation, Cameron is a successful trial attorney with a winning record. Whether in the criminal defense arena or the civil rights realm, Cameron fights to protect the rights of the accused and gets justice for people who have had their civil rights violated. As a former Colorado State Public Defender in both Arapahoe and Denver Counties, Cameron stood up for indigent clients, moving juries to understand his clients' stories and render verdicts in his clients' favor. During his time with the Public Defender's Office he tried 38 cases, achieving 17 acquittals and many favorable split verdicts that preserved his client's freedom. Cameron's command of the law and persuasive writing style has resulted in favorable rulings on constitutional issues, suppression motions, and in post-conviction litigation. In 2018 and 2019 in Arapahoe County, Cameron tried 21 cases to a jury, securing acquittals in the majority of them. Between 2019 and 2020 in Denver County, Cameron tried 6 more cases, winning 5 and ultimately winning the 6th after his client's conviction was overturned on appeal. In 2020, Cameron also successfully challenged the legality of a client's 25-year sentence, getting the sentence vacated. No matter the issue, Cameron has a well-established track record of success.

Cameron brings real life experience to real life situations. Working with the Frank Law Office, he takes a holistic approach to serving his clients' legal needs, whether he is defending them from criminal charges or suing the state to vindicate their civil rights. Cameron's passion for top notch legal advocacy, coupled with his knowledge, strategic negotiation techniques, and polished trial advocacy skills position him extremely well to champion his clients' cause and vindicate their rights.

Background, Awards, & Recognition

Cameron grew up in Rhode Island and has lived in Colorado since 2015. Working full time through college, Cameron graduated with honors from the University of Rhode Island where he majored in Political Science and minored in Philosophy. Cameron attended law school at the University of Colorado where he graduated in 2018. While in law school he received numerous scholarships, including the distinguished Barash Scholarship in 2017. During law school Cameron interned for the Colorado State Public Defender, where he worked in Weld County and later Jefferson County defending indigent clients and combatting injustice in an unbalanced criminal legal system. He championed his clients' causes in both the University of Colorado's Criminal Defense Clinic and Crimmigration Clinic. Cameron also clerked for the Meyer Law Office, where he advocated for noncitizens ensnared the inhumane immigration removal process.

Community Interests

Cameron regularly volunteers in his community. For several years he taught English to noncitizen families through Intercambio. He volunteered with the Innocence Project at the University of Colorado. And he participates in record sealing clinics in the Denver metro area to help individuals get a fresh start in life.

Bar Admissions

Cameron is admitted to practice in the State of Colorado, as well as in federal court in the District of Colorado.

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